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My Kitty Dani

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My Kitty Dani

Post by Barnyard Cat on Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:07 pm

I did not choose Dani. Dani chose me as her human companion. It started about 7 years ago when my sweet little siamese of 21 years was on one of her last Vet visits to help with failing kidneys. My mom and I were waiting in the room while they did treatment on her.

Now, my Veterinarian is very sneaky....he takes the kittens and cats that people dump on the doorstep of the clinic and after they are treated and deemed healthy, he allows them to wander the clinic and choose their new companions.

Well this little girl strolled by me and I picked her up and realized immediately what I had done and set her back down right away. Too Late! She jumped up on chair...on my shoulder and turned herself on her back and wrapped herself around my she was mine.....Or rather I was hers!

She does not like me to make the bed in the morning and will actually push the covers back down after I get them straighted on one side and move to the other...I am usually exhausted from that chore. She is pretty laid back and will even allow the dog next door to lick her on face, even though she does not have any contact with dogs generally. She is all white and for some strange reason she actually hops like a rabbit when playing..


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Re: My Kitty Dani

Post by The WebMaster on Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:18 pm

Wow thats such a cute story and photo!!!

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